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ALL emotions are biochemical events within the body.  No one "pretends" or "imagines" anxiety, depression, anger or happiness.  It is impossible to have an "incorrect" emotion. 

Emotions are like a smoke detector.   Emotions are the way the brain signals to you that something is wrong (or right).  Once you "calm" the emotion, you must seek the source of the conflict.  If you have "mixed" emotions about something, it simply means you have opposing ideas in your head.  Both ideas are sending you the emotional alarm. 


Trauma & PTSD/PTSI

PTSD/PTSI - is an anxiety problem.

Post Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI) is the name given to the symptoms that are experienced after a traumatic event. These symptoms can also be delayed and appear from up to 3 months after the event, to some fifty years or more after the traumatic event.  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is (in essence) the same thing, except psychiatry prefers to differentiate between symptoms and the fully activated disorder. 



The Therapeutic Relationship

No treatment can be successful unless the client and therapist have unconditional TRUST.

This means the client must KNOW that confidentiality is sacred and what is said in therapy will never be disclosed without out written permission or within the confines of the law.